Bell Schedules

  • Our typically daily schedule is displayed. Our daily schedule may vary slightly with each new school year or to accommodate school wide events. 

    There are days, especially the last week of each quarter, that the hourly schedule may look slightly different.  Please see the following note from our front office staff concerning early dismissals.

    Dismissals During Focus Period, 9:35 a.m. -10:20 a.m., is a time for students to attend classes with teachers to whom they may not be assigned for a regular class. If you are planning on signing your child out during this period, please leave extra time for the front office staff to determine which class your child has chosen for Focus Period. 

    Additional Note:  No early dismissals after 2:00 pm due to bus and car rider traffic congestion and close of school day procedures.

    Late Start Days, previously known as Power Mondays, result in a 45 minute late start for one day per week (a few weeks will be excluded because of vacation periods) for approximately 24 weeks during the school year. All district middle and high schools will be required to add seven extra minutes each day to implement the late start schedule. During this time, faculty and staff participate in Professional Learning sharing expertise and working together to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students.


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Start & End Times

School Start & End Times

Regular Daily Schedule

Regular Daily Schedule for 2021-2022