• What Brentwood Middle Offers Students

  • Brentwood Middle has a wide variety of academic opportunities for students and we take pride in making sure that all students have an enjoyable and challenging academic schedule.  We also believe that students need to have a variety of experiences during their middle school years. 

    To facilitate this belief, we offer students a wide array of programs before, during and after the school day. Whether a club, organization, sport, activity or artistic production, there is something for everyone to choose from.

Academic Course Listing

  • The main goal of Brentwood Middle School is to provide an enriched academic environment that meets the diverse needs of our student population. In order to meet this goal, we provide sixth through eighth grade students with instruction in four core academic areas:  mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies.

  • School Model

    Following the middle school model, teachers at all grade levels work in teaching or academic teams to provide instruction to students. This configuration allows for the blending of teachers of different subject areas who teach the same students.  The common planning time, when possible, also allows for parent conferences with all core teachers at one time.  This teaming approach promotes the integration of curricula across content areas and fosters the development of projects that enhance students’ intellectual development.

    Specialized Programs

    Brentwood Middle offers a variety of programs to support our diverse learner population. These programs support students at every level of learning and provide education in specific areas of interest.

    • High School Credit Classes: Students can earn high school credit for Algebra I, Geometry, Spanish I Honors, German I Honors, Latin I Honors, French I Honors, and Chinese I Honors. Seventh grade students can also take a two-year Spanish class that will earn them Spanish I high school credit.
    • Related Arts Classes: BMS also offers a variety of Related Arts programs. The length of these classes varies; some are offered for a nine-week period; others are offered for a semester or a year.
    • Gifted Education Services: Gifted and talented students are provided an array of activities that help them to accelerate their learning. Students may be placed in more advanced classes or given individualized or independent study programs as specified by their IEPs (Individual Educational Plan).
    • Special Education Services: Students with emotional disabilities and learning disabilities are offered individualized curriculum that has been identified to meet their specific needs. This is accomplished by working with students in small groups or individually or by their placement in classes where success is assured. For other learning-challenged students, we offer full inclusion programs that keep diverse learners within the regular classroom grouping. Finding the least restrictive, most effective environment is our priority for these students. Classroom and special education teachers work together to prepare lessons that use multiple teaching techniques. This ensures skill mastery by all students regardless of their academic learning disability.
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