• We Are Hornets

    Heritage Hornets are faculty, staff, students, and community members. We wear with pride our orange, blue and white.  We love, support, and protect each other with a strong devotion!

    Our Mission Statement

    The Heritage Hornet Mission Statement is: Building self-confidence, academic achievement, and personal responsibility in all of our students.

  • About HMS

    Heritage Middle School is part of the Williamson County School District in Middle Tennessee and is located 30 minutes south of Nashville in Thompson’s Station. Our district is a large area consisting of 562 square miles and Heritage Middle occupies approximately 41 acres. Our middle school houses grades 6 through 8 and provides safe facilities along with an excellent learning environment.

    The Heritage Hornets are faculty, staff, and community members who proudly wear the colors of blue and orange. We are passionate about providing an environment that is encouraging, supportive, and devoted to helping everyone be the best Hornet they can be.

    The cornerstone value of HMS is that the needs of every student comes first. We value excellence by providing the highest level of student learning through exemplary instruction and service. We value attitude and are committed to being solutions-oriented every day. We value perseverance and resolve to overcome any obstacle through dedication and hard work. We value teamwork and work interdependently with all team members to achieve our common goals.

  • Bell Schedules

    The various bell schedules utilized by Heritage Middle during the school year are available below for parent convenience.  

    School Year Office Hours:  7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

    Summer Office Hours: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    View Bell Schedules

  • School History

    Heritage Middle School opened in January 2001 at 118,000 square feet.  The school is built on 41 acres.  In 2005, it had an additional 12,000 square feet added.  The new auditorium was completed in the Fall of 2018, and the total square footage of the school is now 157,843 square feet!

    HMS strives to utilize the given space of our campus to best serve our students in academic, athletic, and artistic needs.

    The campus includes –

    • Media Center
      • Containing an extensive library with over 7,000 books
      • Technology Resources to be utilized by teachers and students
    • A digital music lab
    • 62 classrooms
    • A stadium with bleacher seating
    • An auditorium that seats 300