• Resources for Parents and Students

    Heritage Middle School is committed to keeping parents and students connected with the latest resources and information needed to support education and lifelong success. Information and forms are provided to help parents and students locate prominent information needed with easy access. Visit our resource pages or contact our front office if you are unable to find what is needed.

  • Who do I Contact?

    Who do I contact if I have a question? It is recommended that you follow the Order of Contacts below when faced with questions or concerns.

    1. Classroom Teacher
    2. School Principal
    3. Executive Director of Secondary Schools
    4. Assistant Superintendent
    5. Superintendent
    6. Your family's School Board Representative

    Communication in Williamson County Schools

  • Calculator Rental Program

    HMS offers families the opportunity to rent a calculator to use for math classes for one school year. The TI - 30 and TI - 84 are both available in the school library for rental. Parents should download, read & sign the form linked below for the specific calculator needed. Completed forms along with rental payment should be returned to the HMS library in exchange for a rental calculator. Rental calculators are required to be returned by the end of the school year, or a replacement fee will be assessed to the student's account. 
    Please contact your student's math teacher or Mrs. Ramirez if you have any questions. 

    TI - 30 Calculator Rental Form
    TI - 84 Calculator Rental Form