Welcome to Hillsboro!

  • Hillsboro Elementary Middle School is part of the Williamson County School District in Middle Tennessee and is located 50 minutes southwest of Nashville, TN. Our district is a large area consisting of 562 square miles. Our school serves grades K through 8 and provides safe facilities along with an excellent learning environment.  

School History

  • Hillsboro School began as a private school in the Leiper’s Fork community and was purchased by the Williamson County Board of Education in 1905. The school continued at the same campus until a lightning strike in 1930 burned the original buildings. In 1933, Williamson County Board of Education rebuilt the facility. Hillsboro’s enrollment increased to 550 students in 1976 with the consolidation of Burwood and Evergreen Schools. In 1979, high school students were dispersed to Franklin and Fairview High Schools. Just outside the Hillsboro gym doors is Heritage Hall, a special hallway celebrating Hillsboro’s rich historical legacy in photographs. A new four million dollar facility was built in 1981, and in 2012, the Hillsboro Performing Arts Center was dedicated. Today, students who graduate from Hillsboro Middle Elementary school continue their academic careers at Independence High School.

HEMS Bell Schedules

  • Elementary Schedule

  • Middle School Schedule

Early Release Days

  • Early Release Days for all students will take place on a Wednesday. (Hillsboro does not participate in Late Start Mondays.) On these days, students will be released 112 minutes early. During this time, faculty and staff participate in Professional Learning, sharing expertise and working together to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students. Buses and car lines will operate at dismissal. Students who can’t be picked up at that time can remain at school until the regular release time, and schools will provide supervision through homework club, individual reading time, etc. A second round of elementary bus routes will run after the secondary school bus routes are completed, leaving on the same schedule as regular school days. The Early Release Days for the 2023-24 school year are listed below: August 23
    September 13 and 27
    October 25
    November 29
    January 10 and 24
    February 7
    March 6 and 27
    April 10

Scholar Pledge

  • I am a Hillsboro Scholar.
    I respect myself and others.
    I am responsible for my academic achievement and personal choices.
    I take pride in my Hillsboro school community.

Mission, Vision, & Commitments

  • Vision

    Engaging Scholars. Equipping Leaders. Empowering Futures.


    Hillsboro School will meet the diverse needs of all scholars in an organized and respectful learning environment.
    We will create equitable opportunities for students to develop leadership skills in academics, the arts, and athletics.
    We will develop self-confidence in all scholars by celebrating effort and encouraging risk-taking, thus empowering them for the future.


    We will create a safe environment: physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
    We will meet the diverse needs of all students through rigorous and differentiated classroom instruction.
    We will foster a respectful community where people are empathetic and ideas are valued.
    We will embody the “Be Nice” attitude through our daily communication – students, staff, and parents.
    We will hold all stakeholders mutually accountable to clear and high expectations.
    We will help students grow and feel successful, empowering them for the future.