The Hillsboro Family

  • Hillsboro Elementary Middle School is committed to keeping parents and students connected with the latest resources and information needed to support education and lifelong success.

    The Hillsboro family has an unbreakable bond. We celebrate our wins, and we learn from our failures. We challenge each other in and out of the classroom. We are all Scholars on the Road to Success.

    We are Hillsboro.

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  • Support HEMS by visiting our online school management system to make an investment. Simply complete the donation form for HEMS and leave a description for your choice of investment to HEMS such as Academics, Arts, Athletics, Technology, or General. Your investment is a tax deductible, charitable gift. Thank you for supporting HEMS!

  • Who do I Contact? It is recommended that you follow the Order of Contacts below when faced with questions or concerns.

    1. Classroom Teacher

    2. School Principal

    3. Executive Director of Secondary Schools

    4. Assistant Superintendent

    5. Superintendent

    6. Your family's School Board Representative

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