Indy Nation

Eagle Rock

Our School

  • Independence High School is part of the Williamson County School District in Middle Tennessee and is located 30 minutes south of Nashville, TN. Our district is a large area consisting of 562 square miles and Independence High is conveniently located in the heart of Thompson’s Station. Our high school houses grades 9 through 12 and provides safe facilities along with an excellent learning environment.

School History

  • Independence High School is located on Columbia Highway on property previously owned by the descendants of Howell Patton. High school students in the area attended Page High School, Franklin High School, and Centennial High School prior to the opening of Independence. Prior to 1975 high school students in the area attended Franklin High. Beginning in 1975 most high school students in the area attended Page High. With the opening of Centennial in 1996, some students in the area attended Centennial. In the early part of the 20th century students rode the train into Franklin to attend Franklin High or BGA High School.*

Our Community

  • The town of Franklin is a residential/business community of approximately 85,000 located in suburban-rural Williamson County, one of the fastest growing counties in the South. Franklin has been ranked as the number one small town in Tennessee. Residents are from diverse geographic and cultural backgrounds. Independence High School borders the community of Thompson’s Station, which is eight miles south of Franklin and three miles north of Spring Hill. Thompson’s Station became incorporated in 1990 as a result of the influx of the population in the Spring Hill area due to the Saturn plant built in Spring Hill in 1988. Residents hoped to retain the individuality and historical elements of Thompson’s Station. Thompson’s Station is named for Dr. Elijah Thompson, a civil war surgeon, who donated land to the community in 1856.* Thompson’s Station is rapidly becoming a culturally diverse community while retaining the charm of a small rural area. Franklin is a neighbor of Nashville to the north.
    *Historical information courtesy of Hold Us Not Boastful by Sue Oden and “A Look Into the Past of Thompson’s Station, Tennessee” by Kathryn A. Cotton.

The Eagles

  • Independence Eagles are faculty, staff, students, and community members. We wear navy, green and gold with pride.  We love, support, and protect each other with a strong devotion.

    We are a team…

  • One Team. One Goal. 

  • Beliefs

  • Mission Statement

  • Vision

Bell Schedules

  • Please see information below on the various bell schedules observed during the school year.

  • Regular

  • Late Start

  • Pep Rally

  • Half Day

Late Start

  • Independence High School will observe a 45 minute late start on most Mondays and some Tuesdays throughout the school year.  During this time, faculty and staff participate in Professional Learning Communities sharing expertise and working collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students.  

    Students who arrive at the regular time will be given the opportunity to choose from several supervised activities until the school day begins. School buses will operate on their regular schedule on Late Start days.

    Please note that exceptions usually take place before or after long breaks or holidays.

    Late Start Dates