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  • Independence High School is committed to keeping parents and students connected with the latest resources and information needed to support education and lifelong success. Information and forms are provided to help parents and students locate prominent information needed with easy access. Visit our resource pages or contact our front office if you are unable to find what is needed.

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Student Driver Information

Driver's Permit

  • A Compulsory Attendance letter is required as proof of school attendance when a student applies for their driver’s permit.

    If the student already has a driver’s permit that is issued in the state of Tennessee and it has not expired, they will not need this letter to take the driver’s license test or to renew a permit (the state already has a letter on file from when the student initially took their permit test).

    If the student has a license or permit from another state, or their Tennessee permit is expired, they will need this letter. 

    Please do not make the request on the day of your appointment. Letters can not be emailed or faxed and we will not fax a letter to the Driver's License Facility. 

Parking Pass

  • You must purchase a parking pass each new school year. Students who do not have a pass will be ticketed. 
    Parking Pass Application:
    To purchase a parking pass for the 23-24 school year, you must have a valid Driver's License and have taken the Checkpoint Training class. You only need to take the checkpoint training once.  Please only complete the application one time. A new application wil need to be completed each school year. Parking Pass Application

    Parking Pass Payment:

    After submitting the application, the $15 payment for the pass should be paid through SchoolCashOnline. Students can pick up their passes in Student Services during school hours. 

Independence High School Checkpoints Driving Course

  • Williamson County Schools requires that all NEW drivers attend and complete the Checkpoints Driving course PRIOR to driving on campus. The purpose of this course is to inform parents/students of ways to prevent distracting behaviors while driving and reduce the risk of accidents. To register for a checkpoints course, please click the link below. Registration for each date will close 24 hours prior to the start of the class.  A Zoom meeting link will be emailed to registered participants, along with other meeting information, the morning of the meeting. Checkpoints class dates are listed on the registration form. If you have any questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions

    IHS Checkpoints Class Registration


  • Absence

  • Early Dismissal / Partial Day Absence

Who Do I Contact?

  • It is recommended that you follow the Order of Contacts below when faced with questions or concerns.

    1. Classroom Teacher

    2. School Principal

    3. Executive Director of Secondary Schools

    4. Assistant Superintendent

    5. Superintendent

    6. Your family's School Board Representative

    Communication with WCS Families 

Student Resources

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