• About Us

    Mill Creek Middle School is part of the Williamson County School District. It opened its doors to students in August of 2016. Although still considered a new school, Mill Creek Middle already has a reputation for being an innovative place with many opportunities for students to learn and grow. Exciting moments happen each and every day! Keep up with the latest events on our School Calendar. 

School History

  • After years of excitement and anticipation within the Nolensville community, the Mill Creek/Nolensville campus opened its doors to students in August of 2016. Mill Creek Elementary and Mill Creek Middle share a building but operate as two separate entities. Nolensville High School is across the street, making it a K-12 campus with all three schools. Opening three new schools on one campus was no small task. Countless hours of preparation went into the design of the new buildings, as well as implementation of schedules, traditions, and other day-to-day school operations. In the months leading up to the very first day of school, teachers attended professional development, organized committees, and met over the summer to plan for the first year. There were rising 6th, 7th, and 8th grade nights to welcome future Mavericks and meet new teachers. All of the anticipation and excitement built up to the first day ever on Friday, August 5, 2016. It’s still an exciting time to be a Maverick!

Our Mission

  • In order to empower tomorrow’s leaders to impact their community and world, Mill Creek Middle School commits to creativity and innovation and supports all scholars in their quest for lifelong learning in a safe, structured, student-centered environment.

Front sign of Mill Creek Middle/Elementary Schools

Maverick Spirit

  • Maverick spirit is evident throughout our hallways. We are students, faculty, staff, and community members. We are one family. We are Mavericks!

    Our Motto

    Lead. Exceed. Inspire.

    Our School Colors

    Navy Blue, Smoke Grey, Action Green

    Our Mascot

    The Maverick

    Our Affirmation Pledge

    I am a Maverick. I am empowered to lead within my community, exceed boundaries, and inspire others through inquiry, exploration, and creativity.

    We lead. We exceed. We inspire. We are Mavericks!
    We are…

    Motivated | Analytical | Visionary | Empowered | Relentless | Innovative | Compassionate | Kind | Successful

    We are MAVERICKS!

  • Regular Bell Schedule

    Homeroom - 7:45-7:55am
    1st Period - 8:00-8:50am
    2nd Period - 8:55-9:45am
    3rd Period - 9:50-10:40am
    4th Period - 10:45am-12:10pm
    5th Period - 12:15-1:05pm
    6th Period - 1:10-2:02pm
    7th Period - 2:07-2:52pm

  • Lunch Schedule

    6th Grade - 10:40-11:07am
    7th Grade - 11:11-11:38am
    8th Grade - 11:41-12:10pm

Student in math class