Picture of the Page High student section at a football game.
  • Academics

    Page High students observe, question, explain and interpret everyday. We guide students to be active learners who reflect on their growth as they analyze the world.
    Upon graduation from Page High School, students will have completed:

    • English Language Arts – 4 credits
    • Mathematics – 4 credits
    • Science – 3 credits
    • Social Studies – 3 credits
    • Wellness – 1 credit
    • Physical Education – 0.5 credit
    • Personal Finance – 0.5 credit
    • World Language – 2 credits
    • Fine Arts – 1 credit
    • Elective Focus – 3 credits
    • Senior Project

    AP Courses provide rigor and relevance to students with opportunity to earn college credit. Our pass rate is increased over the past 4 years as well as the number of tests students are taking.

    Year – Pass Rate – Number of Tests
    2014 – 48.3% – 114
    2015 – 50.7% – 153
    2016 – 55.8% – 216
    2017 – 56.7% – 289
    2018 – 58.0% – 331

  • Senior Project Information

  • Senior Project Documents


  • Page High offers a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in before, during, and after the school day.  Whether it is a sport, club, or theater production, Page High offers something for every Page Patriot.


    Beauty and meaning are to the eye of the beholder and more importantly to the artist.

    Theater and Art classes at Page High are just two of the ways you can find the beauty and meaning in the everyday.


    The athletic program at Page High is an integral part of the educational process.

    Athletics offer a positive and meaningful experience to all young men and women who participate.


    At Page High, we know the value of involvement in extracurricular activities for high school students.

    Explore resources for students interested in extracurricular activities such as planning an event or being part of a team.