TSMS Course Offerings

Course Offerings Overview

  • The main goal of Thompson’s Station Middle School is to provide an enriching academic environment that meets the diverse needs of our student population. In order to meet this goal, we provide sixth through eighth-grade students with instruction in four core academic areas:  Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

    Additionally, we provided Student Support Services, Gifted Instruction, Counseling Services, and Related Arts programming for students. TSMS is pleased to also offer Fine Arts to all students through Theatre, Visual Art, Orchestra, Choir, Band, and Jazz Band.

Course Information By Grade Level


  • Express is an arranged time to purposefully intervene and enrich student learning. Teachers create sessions that engage, enrich, stretch, reinforce, and review to help individualize student skills, through experience, to display mastery. Students are presented with a session menu and can be assigned to sessions or choose to attend sessions of personal interest, which promotes intentional instruction in a small group environment. Express is designed to serve our student body in a way that instills practices to thrive in an educational setting, in return allowing opportunities for our students to flourish in society.

Additional Course and Program Information

  • English Language Learners

  • Foreign Language

  • Gifted Education Services

  • High School Credit

  • Related Arts Classes

  • Special Education Services

TSMS Counseling Services

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