• Student Offerings

  • Trinity offers many activities for students before school and has related arts every day including art, music, physical education, and the Learning Commons.

Student with a hula hoop.
Boy with a Hula Hoop
Girl with a hula hoop!
  • Related Arts

  • Outside of the traditional classroom setting, our students expand their knowledge and experience through classes concentrating in physical and mental health, information sciences, and the arts.

  • School Sponsored Before School Activities

  • Before school teacher-led activities (7:45-8:25 AM) will be offered this fall semester including Student Council, Choir, Coding/Robotics, and Invasion games. Enrollment is now full, please check with the front office for more information. Student Council is through application only. Please pay attention to grade level restrictions or calendar conflicts before applying. Doors open to BSA students at 7:30 AM. Parents must escort their student inside.
    View the BSA Catalog to see what is available.
  • Choir

  • Coding and Robotics

  • Invasion Games

  • Student Council