Saved by the Bell

  • Below you'll find the various bell schedules observed at Centennial High School during the school year. Schedules are subject to change per administration.

    For your convenience, we will also post fall and spring exam schedules as well as special schedules used for testing such as the PSAT, the fall senior ACT retake, the spring junior ACT, Williamson County testing, and state testing.

A school desk bell on a white background.
  • Pep Rally/Activity Schedule

  • Standard

  • Late Start Days

  • Half Days

  • Two-Hour Delays

  • Activity/Pep Rally Schedule

  • Exams and Special Testing

Late Start and Flex Asynchronous Dates

  • Late Start Days involve a 45-minute late start one day per week (with the exception of certain holiday and testing weeks, as noted in the schedule). Per school board requirement, Centennial adds seven extra minutes each day to implement the late start schedule. 

    Flex Asynchronous Days will take place on Fridays and will offer students the opportunity to learn from home while teachers will have planning and collaboration time iwth their colleagues as well as opposrutnities for professional development. The goal is to improve delivery of instruction to students during the pandemic.

    Williamson County Late Start and Flex Asynchronous Days