Getting What You Need

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  • No matter how long you’ve been a member of the Cougar Nation, both parents and students will need to use the resources included on this page.  Important news and content relating to activities such as welcome back to school events, presentations for rising classes, registration information, and more appears in the final section.  If the information needed does not appear, parents and students may use the Search box at the bottom of any page or in our school website menu at the top, or they may contact us for immediate assistance.

Quick Links

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Handy Resources for Parents and Students

Student Driving

  • Compulsory Attendance Letter

    Students wishing to acquire a learner's permit must obtain a compulsory attendance letter as proof of school attendance - unless you already have a valid driver's permit issued by the state of Tennessee. If you obtained a license or permit from another state or if your Tennessee permit has expired, then you will need the letter.

    Check Points Driving Courses

    Williamson County Schools requires that all NEW drivers complete the Checkpoints Driving Course PRIOR to driving on campus. The purpose of the course is to educate parents and students about the prevention of distracted driving and thus reduce the risk of accidents. For more information, contact Mr. Serbin, our Check Points coordinator.

    Student Parking Passes

    2020-2021 Student Parking Pass Application

Arrival & Dismissal

  • We want to “see you” on Mallory Lane soon, and this information will make transportation to and from campus much easier for you!

Coronavirus Resources

Cougar Payment Center

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Centennial Game Days

  • Centennial All Sports Athletic Pass (We will provide a link to the form as soon as we receive this information).

    The Cougar Athletic Pass helps support CHS Athletes. and is offered at a substantial savings to you. This pass will allow you admission to all regular season home games in any sport for the 2020-2021 Season. Don’t miss out on the convenience, value, and privilege of a Cougar Athletic Pass.

    Note:  Athletic fees and tournament games are NOT included in the cost of the Cougar Athletic Pass.

Fall Offerings & Information

Spring Offerings & Information

  • Inportant information for Spring 2021 will appear here as soon as we receive it:

Summer Offerings & Information

  • Find everything you need for Summer 2020 here!

    2020 Summer Reading Assignments

    • AP Literature and Composition (12th grade)
    • AP Language and Composition (11th grade)

    We will remove these after first quarter grades and incompletes have been finalized.

Classroom Supplies: Gearing Up and Being Prepared Each Day

  • At the high school level, teachers do not issue supply lists by school grades.  Rather, individual teachers list their course-specific supply expectations in their syllabi, which they distribute at the beginning of each school year or semester (depending on whether the course is full-year or only one semester in length).

    In general, however, students should have the following supplies every day:

    • Pen or Pencil
    • Eraser
    • Paper (notebook and/or graph paper for math classes)
    • Notebook or folder for each class

    Other equipment that often comes in handy may include the following:

    • Markers or colored pencils
    • Post It notes
    • Index cards
    • Paper clips
    • Correction tape or fluid
    • Ruler or straight edge
    • Graphing calculator (for math and science classes)

    Note:  Families do not have to purchase calculators for their children; students may check these out from the library when they check out textbooks during grade level “Comeback” days.  Should you wish to purchase your own calculator, however, you should first check standardized test guidelines for acceptable models for testing.

    Students needing assistance in getting school supplies should contact the Counseling Center at (615) 472-2358.

    Note:  An excellent time to shop for school supplies and clothing is the annual sales tax holiday right before students return to school.  We will post information about the state sales tax holiday on the Parent Resources page every summer.  In addition to the tales tax benefits, many stores offer additional sales and special discounts at that time.

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