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  • FMS Bell Schedules

    The following are the most commonly used schedules at Fairview Middle School. The WCS COVID-19 plans may result in alternate schedules and/or placements.

Regular Schedule

  • Late Starts

    Late Start Dates allow teachers to meet with their teams to discuss course objectives, common assessment of student learning, pacing, and other professional development. Students will be counted absent or will receive a tardy if they are not in their Homeroom by 8:25 AM. It is recommended to drop students off by 8:15 AM in order to give them a chance to go to their lockers and get to their class on time.

    All buses will run their routes at the normal times. Students who ride the bus will report to the gym when they arrive at school and will remain in the gym until dismissed to homeroom. Car riders that arrive at the usual time are also expected to report to the gym.

    *There will be no late starts during periods of remote learning.

Late Start Schedule