• What's Happening at Jordan Elementary?

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    November 21-25: Thanksgiving Break (No school)
    November 30: Early Release Day
    December 3: Mini Mu Math Competition
    December 8: 2nd Grade Music Program
    December 16: End of the First Semester (1/2 day for students)
    December 20-January 2: Winter Break (No school)
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  • SOAR into Student Academic Achievement with a Free Game of Mini-Golf

  • Williamson County Schools (WCS) Coordinated School Health Program is proud to announce an exciting program with SOAR Adventure where students can earn a free game of mini-golf.

    Elementary students have many opportunities this year to earn free games of mini-golf. Students who achieve a letter grade of “A” in any one subject on their report card and/or are recognized by a staff member earn a free game of mini golf to be redeemed any time before June 30, 2023 at SOAR Adventure in Franklin. This is also true for students in Kindergarten and first grade who receive either a “3” or an “S” in any area of their report card. Students will receive a "ticket" to take to SOAR Adventure to be redeemed for the free game. One parent or guardian must be with the student or group of up to 5 total students. Parents or guardians do not have to play if they do not want to, and there is no charge if they do not play. If they want to play, they can pay the adult fee and play along with the students. Students will have the opportunity to win up to up to 8 free games throughout the school year!

Assistant Principal and two students
SOAR Mini Golf Tournament