A Message from Dr. Vaden

  • Those of us who have lived the Ravenwood experience have seen our students possess the heart to dedicate their high school years to excellence. Developing a sense of urgency every year continues to ensure our place as a top-ranked high school in academics, the arts and athletics.

    It’s all about our dreams and goals. In 2015, the U.S. Department of Education recognized us for their top award, the National Blue Ribbon. Reaching this lofty goal in a relatively short time speaks to dedicated faculty, students and parents and a systematic formula. Collaborating in same-subject team meetings on Power Mondays is the formula that offers novice teachers the opportunity to be mentored by veteran teachers. The sharing of common assignments, labs and assessments inspire our teachers to examine their professional practice. These are the simple, but powerful strategies that give us the tools to make instructional decisions that benefit students who have already mastered the concepts and to differentiate for those who have not. No matter the teacher for each subject, each student is guaranteed exposure to the same curriculum. This practice speaks to equity and is a true learning community at work!

    Collaboration with our students through Student Council and the Freshmen Mentoring Program (FMP) and many other student-led clubs, demonstrate that students are our partners, not our adversaries. Through our daily interchange with our parent organizations, planned events become school celebrations that are truly unsurpassed by other schools.

    Aren’t we proud to be Ravenwood Raptors! We hit the ground running in 2002-2003 and never looked back. The founding staff, students and parents envisioned that our success would be realized through collaboration, conversation and reflection. As a result, our school has become the hub of a vibrant professional learning community. And as we glance across Wilson Pike to the historic Ravenswood Mansion, its storied history beckons us to remember our heritage and inspires us to continue our efforts to create an educational experience that will long be remembered.

    Pam Vaden

Dr. Vaden at her desk