• School Counseling Program

    Our mission at Hunters Bend is to support your child as we explore life skills impacting their academic, personal/social, and career-related success. These skills will be the focus of Life Skills classes, small groups, and individual counseling opportunities. The goal is for each child to believe in his or her own incredible abilities and to have the courage and confidence to stretch and grow.

  • Role of the Counselor

  • Our Program Includes

  • When to Contact the School Counselor

  • Stop and Think

  • The Eight Keys of Excellence

    Hunters Bend uses the 8 Keys of Excellence, where the school’s focus is on a different character trait each month.  Students learn how making mistakes is important to learning, and learn to take accountability for their actions.  Students learn how their actions truly affect themselves and others.  Students learn these characteristics through the 8 Keys of Excellence.

    • Integrity- Do the right thing when no one is looking.
    • Failure Leads to Success - Learn from mistakes. Have a growth mindset.
    • Speak with Good Purpose - Speak honestly and kindly.
    • This is it!- Make the most of every moment. 
    • Commitment - Make your dreams happen. Never give up!
    • Ownership - Take responsibility for actions.
    • Flexibility - Be willing to do things differently.
    • Balance - Live your best life. 
  • School Counselor Contact

    Our school counselor is committed to helping your child succeed.  If there you would like to contact our school counselor, please visit our staff list and search for a "counselor". 

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