• FMS School Counseling Belief Statements 

    • All students have value and the ability to achieve academic success when encouraged and provided a safe environment.

    • Student developmental needs (achievement, career, social/emotional) are met through implementation of the comprehensive school counseling program.

    • School counselors lead, advocate, and collaborate to promote equity and access to quality education for all students.

    • School counselors manage, deliver, and assess a comprehensive school counseling program to ensure student achievement is obtained.

    • School counselors value collecting and analyzing data to guide and inform program goals and student achievement.

    • School counselors make informed decisions for student development by following professional and ethical standards set forth by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and Tennessee School Counselor Association (TSCA).

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  • FMS School Counseling Vision Statement

    The vision of the FMS School Counseling program is to foster an environment where students are empowered to become lifelong learners and future leaders.

  • FMS School Counseling Mission Statement

    The mission of the FMS School Counseling program is to provide a safe and supportive environment where each student has equal access to rigorous learning opportunities. By collaborating with teachers, administration, school staff, parents, and community stakeholders, School Counselors will work to create an engaging culture where students feel confident in advocating for their own learning experience.