School Counseling

  • The counseling and guidance programs at Creekside are available to help students, parents, and teachers to develop positive learning experiences. The programs consist of a variety of services and activities including individual and group counseling, parent and teacher consultation, classroom guidance, information services, referral assistance to other programs and in the community, and student testing.

  • Character Education - Best Me

    Creekside uses a team-developed character curriculum called Best Me that focuses on student-driven success using eight key ideas. These characteristics are taught and encouraged in all areas of the school, not just the traditional classroom setting. Our students are future leaders, setting their own goals and monitoring their progress as they become the best versions of themselves.

    Our Best Me Keys are introduced and explored each month. They include empathy, responsibility, compromise, teamwork, perseverance, respect, innovation, and integrity.

    Best Me Parent Explanation

  • Indirect Services

    Services include:

    • consultation with parents, teachers, and administration;
    • coordination of 504 plans;
    • testing coordination;
    • distribution of charitable contributions; and
    • assisting with Be Nice! initiatives


  • WCS - Be Nice

    Since 2013, Williamson County Schools have been working on ways to create a culture of kindness in our schools. After developing the slogan BE NICE, WCS began printing t-shirts and signs with the mantra. As the message spread, photos of students, teachers, celebrities, and professional athletes holding the BE NICE sign began to appear on social media, and schools began to report a change in student behavior. The BE NICE message continues making a real difference!

  • Stop and Think

    A Fairview Elementary school counselor is encouraging her students to stop and think, and the district is encouraging others to embrace the concept as well.




  • Meet the School Counselors

    Mrs. Williamson and Mrs. Rahimi-Gleason are our full-time Creekside guidance counselors. Both Mrs. Williamson and Mrs. Rahimi-Gleason are ready to support the needs of all Creekside students, staff, and community members. They address the needs of our students through various direct and indirect services that aim to support all students’ social, emotional, and academic needs as well as teach them character traits that will help them grow into productive, respectful citizens.