Related Arts

  • Hillsboro Elementary Middle School provides several related arts classes for kindergarten through fifth grade students to experience. These classes are built into the elementary schedule, so every student will have a chance to explore and unveil his or her talents.

    Additionally, Hillsboro Elementary Middle School provides multiple opportunities for sixth through eighth grade students to fully immerse themselves in the arts. Each year, students select and rate which related arts they would like to take. Sixth through eighth grade students take two related arts classes per quarter and these classes occur every day.

    Related arts classes offered may change slightly due to enrollment, interest, and staffing.

    All elementary students will have a five-day rotation of the following classes:

    • Art (1 Day)
    • Library Media/Counseling (K-2) or Theater (3-5) (1 Day)
    • Music (1 Day)
    • Physical Education (2 Days)


  • Majors - 8th Grade

  • Majors - 7th Grade

  • Majors - 6th Grade

  • Student playing a recorder

  • Student coloring an art project