School Counseling

  • Woodland Middle School counselors provide a safe, nurturing and non-judgmental environment for students to explore social and emotional self awareness, as well as academic and career opportunities. Students’ development is supported through individual and group counseling, whole group instruction as well as consultation with school and community stakeholders. Counselors also help to coordinate programs such as orientation for new students and Career Fair. They aide with the transition to high school, provide academic support, assist with school, county and state testing. Middle school is an exciting time of growth and change and the counseling department can help parents and students adjust to the transitions that take place during these years.

    Counseling Services

    As a part of our comprehensive, developmental School Counseling Program at Woodland Middle School, our counselors serve our students, parents, and teachers through a wide variety of services. School Counselors promote excellence through their work in four program areas:

    • Responsive Services- personal and crisis counseling, small group counseling
    • Classroom Curriculum- classroom lessons, character education, group activities, and transition issues
    • System Support- consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, and administrators
    • Individual Planning- academic and career planning and support

    Our school social worker is available to assist students and families in the district with mental health needs, subsistence needs, and connections to outside agencies in the community that provide additional support beyond the schools.

    What Is STARS? STARS stands for Students Taking A Right Stand. Our mission is to help young people pursue their unlimited potential.

    STARS Counselor/Information

    Ms. Stewart's Role: I provide prevention and intervention services.  I work with students around anxiety, depression, anger management, bullying, substance abuse, social issues, and more.  Much of my role is similar to that of our wonderful school counselors, but a difference is that I can provide intensive and ongoing individual and group counseling for students.

    Referrals: Students can be referred to STARS by teachers, principals, school counselors, the school nurse, parents, friends or self-refer.

    National Suicide Prevention Website  Hotline:  1-800-273-8255

  • 2023-2024 counselors are pictured

    Ms. Stepanic, Ms. Aaron, Ms. Stewart, and Ms. Bennett