• Welcome to the Winstead Parent Teacher Organization!

    Winstead has an active Parent Teacher Organization that is involved in organizing parent volunteers, working with administrators and teachers to establish a needs assessment, financially supporting the identified needs and services of the school. Parent volunteerism takes a vital role in meeting the needs of the school.

    The Winstead Parent Teacher Organization actively works with administration and teachers throughout the school year to meet current needs. They are actively engaged in events such as Ice Cream Sundae the Principal, Wildcats on Run and other engaging fundraisers.

  • About Our PTO 

    Winstead has a very active PTO. Our PTO organizes Winstead family community events and raises funds to supply our students and teachers with necessary materials, supplies, and equipment needed to enhance the instructional program.

    Please check out the PTO website for more information or if you would like to contact a board member:

    Winstead PTO Website

  • 2023-2024 PTO Board Members

Five female volunteers
PTO Board Members lined up together
Winstead Table for Grandparents day