Extracurricular Activities

Edmondson Elementary School strives to offer extracurricular opportunities for elementary students’ interest. If you are interested in an activity or information for our various extracurricular groups, please contact Mrs. Mills in the front office.

The EES choir is an extracurricular activity open to all 4th  and 5th grade students who are interested in singing in the EES choir.  The EES choir meets one day a week in the music room to explore various genres of choral music. Choir practice will focus on traditional children’s choir repertoire, practice reading sheet music, learn valuable warm ups and ways to keep our singing voice safe and beautiful, extend our singing ranges, learn to sing parts with canons and simple harmonies, learn to sing in other languages, and have additional performance opportunities.  There are two concerts for the EES choir each semester. Contact Elaina Gallas for more information.

The Student Council, directed by Clara Chandler, EES School Counselor, focuses on helping people in our school and community, embracing the idea that service is the force that binds us together.  To become a member of the Student Council, candidates prepare a speech and present it in front of their class and the EES Counselors. Speeches have to include an idea for a service project for Edmondson.  Class members vote on candidates and the top two from each 4th and 5th grade class are selected.

The Green Team at Edmondson is comprised of responsible students who are committed to keeping their community clean through recycling efforts.  Members of the Green Team ensure that recyclable materials are transported from classrooms to be collected by Williamson County Recycling, which in turn raises money for our school.  In previous years the Green Team has raised almost $1,400 for EES!  The Green Team also meets occasionally after school to discuss recycling in our communities and to brainstorm additional ways we might help keep our communities Green. Contact Mary Keveran for more information.

What is Safety Patrol? Safety Patrol is a group of students (typically 6-7 in a rotation) who assist car riders during morning arrival to make it as efficient as possible. The safety patrol members will help open car doors, assist kids out of their car, say, “good morning” and close the door.

How do I become a Safety Patrol member? You must have parental/guardian permission and be available before school starts for Safety Patrol. Safety patrollers will assist until just before school starts then be dismissed to their class. A schedule will be set and groups will rotate every six weeks. Depending on participation, each group should serve two, 6-week periods … one in the fall and in the spring.

Who do I contact about signing up for safety patrol? If you are interested in learning more about EES Safety Patrol or signing up, please contact Coach Q.

Edmondson Elementary School is proud to offer K-5 Spanish and Chinese classes during the school year. We are looking forward to another wonderful year of learning! Visit the WCS Elementary World Languages page  to learn more about the WCS Elementary World Language Program or to enroll.