Specials Classes Offered at Edmondson

At Edmondson Elementary School students are on a six day special class rotation. Students will have rotate through P.E., Art, Music, Wellness, Life Skills, and Library.

The Edmondson Elementary K-5th Art Curriculum implements the Tennessee State Standards in accordance with the National Core Domains in the Visual Arts, including:

  • Creating
  • Presenting
  • Responding
  • Connecting

These standards provide a base for Art Teachers to follow, as goals are set, to ensure that all students are challenged in building knowledge and skills, as they apply to the production of creative work. Further information can be found at the Tennessee Department of Education Fine Arts website.

In Art, basic skills and content will be acquired from applying various artistic tools, techniques, and materials; in an effort to complete neat and creative art projects. Cultures and traditions will inspire new artistic experiences, that cultivate self-expression. Students will be expected to work collaboratively with fellow artists and critique works of art, by utilizing appropriate vocabulary terms. Students will be expected to follow directions productively within the art classroom, and reflect upon their imaginative ideas, art skills, and effort.

Creativity takes Courage!

To celebrate the artistic achievements of Edmondson Elementary students, we showcase their work through a digital portfolio, which you can sign up for and access online via Artsonia. This online Art Gallery features works of Art from many of our Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students. Any products purchased from Artsonia, raises funds that strengthen our Edmondson arts programs.

If any parents would like to volunteer to help prep art materials, hang artwork, or photograph artwork please contact the art teacher, Miss. G., at diana.garigliano@wcs.edu We would love to have you be a part of our creative experience!

Library Class at EES

EES students visit the library as a part of the Special Classes rotation. Students may check out the following number of books per grade level: Kindergarten – one book, First and Second – two books, Third through Fifth – three books. A student may exchange one or all books per visit. Books can be renewed one time with the exception of chapter books or project related materials. Books are due within two weeks if not renewed.

Life Skills at EES

The counselors facilitate classroom guidance lessons on the Specials rotation that adhere to the Williamson County Schools Scope and Sequence.

K-5 Lesson Topics:
Study skills
School preparedness
Real-world safety
Online safety
Peer Pressure
Emotional regulation and feelings
Stress and worry
Goal setting
Communication strategies and expression
Healthy Choices
Conflict Management

Music Class at EES

Elaina Gallas, the EES Music teacher, shares her approach to the EES Music program as she begins her first year at the school.

“I believe learning can and should be fun, so we do many fun activities in music that end up teaching us so many great concepts! We focus mainly on the fundamental elements of music–tempo, rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, form, and dynamics–starting at a rudimentary level with kindergarten and growing to a proficient level by fifth grade. Over the course of your child’s music education at Edmondson they will learn to dance and move to rhythms and steady beat, study music from other countries, cultures, and time periods, become active and educated listeners, learn to read music, compose short rhythmic and melodic pieces, evaluate and speak about music with correct vocabulary, learn about and play numerous instruments, and get to be both audience members and performers in school music programs. Music is such a wonderful subject on it’s own, but it also has connections with reading, writing, science, and math that we will explore during our music classes! There is so much to learn in music class at Edmondson Elementary! It is my goal as their teacher to not only educate, but to inspire each student and instill a lifelong love and appreciation for music–whether it be that they grow up and play in their local community orchestra, become a successful professional musician, or even just attend and support their local fine art’s performances. I am passionate about music education, and I am so excited to be teaching your student this year!”

P.E. and Wellness Classes at EES

A quality physical education program is the cornerstone for developing an active lifestyle. Our program consists of developmentally appropriate activities that create maximum opportunities for development of skills, knowledge, health-related fitness, and ultimately, the confidence to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.

Your child’s learning environment is safe and non-threatening and provides opportunities for success. At EES our physical education program offers the chance for your child to develop habits for lifetime fitness and health. Research indicates that students who receive quality physical education experiences during the day participate in more physical activities after school.

During the school year, we want to encourage you to participate in your child’s physical development and fitness. Children need a minimum of at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day and what better way than playing together. Go for a walk, take a bike ride or toss a ball. It is so very important for your children to see you being physically active as role models.

Thank you for partnering with our physical education program to develop your child’s lifetime health and fitness. By working together we can bring the joy and health of physical activity to your child and family. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to teaching your child this year.

In the EES wellness class, we will learn how to develop and maintain lifelong healthy habits! Each class will focus on a different wellness topic such as nutrition, our muscles/bones and how they work, staying physically active, etc… Part of each class will be in the classroom, and the remainder of the class will be either outside or in the hallway depending on the weather! We will be up and moving a great deal, so please remember to wear your sneakers!

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Specials Staff

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Clara Chandler
Kate Felts
Elaina Gallas
Music Teacher
Diana Garigliano
Art Teacher
Dan Quesenberry
PE Teacher
Lori Redding
PE Teacher
Lauren Scott
PE Teacher
Stephanie Smith
Library Teacher