Applying for a Job in the District

Applicants must have the following to be considered for a certified position with Williamson County Schools:

  1. A completed online Williamson County Schools Certificated Application
  2. At least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Attach a copy of transcripts to application.
  3. A valid Tennessee teaching license for the level and/or subject area related to the position. If the applicant does not hold a Tennessee teaching license, he or she must meet eligibility requirements. Visit the TN Department of Education website to see if the eligibility requirements are met.
  4. Be “Highly Qualified” in the core teaching subject area being applied for
    • Passing Praxis Scores in Content Area (please attach)
    • Degree in Content Area (this applies to middle/high teachers only
  5. A completed online Gallup Teacher Insight Assessment (if required)

To be considered for a classified or support position, applicants must:

  1. Meet the minimum qualifications for the position being applied for
  2. Complete an online Williamson County Schools Classified Application
  3. Attach transcripts (if applicable)

Administrators will contact the most qualified applicants on file for interviews. Please continue to check the website for an updated list of vacancies. Applications will be active for three years from the initial date of the application. At the end of that time, applicants will need to update the online application if they have a continued interest in positions with Williamson County Schools.