Substitute Online Reference Check Form

Below is the WCS Online Reference Check Form for substitute teachers. This form is for professional use only. Please fill out all required fields and hit the “Submit Reference” button at the bottom of the form.

Substitute Online Reference Check Form

For use by references only. Applicants, please copy and paste the URL for this form and send to two professional references: one supervisor and one peer.

Please enter the applicant's name and position they are applying for in the Williamson County School District below. Your evaluation will be a service to this office, the applicant, and the children in our system.

Please complete all sections and submit this reference form by clicking on the "Submit Reference" button at the end of the reference form.

Reference/Evaluator's Name & Information
Did you supervise applicant?
All Applicant Professional Traits

Select the appropriate option for the factors which you have adequate knowledge to evaluate this applicant.

Meets ExpectationsAverageBelow ExpectationsNot Observed/ NA
General Appearance
Language and Communication Skills
Exhibits Positive Attitude
Personal Initiative
Tact and Self Control
Ability to Work with Others
Ability to Accept Criticism
Overall Job Performance
Enthusiasm for Position
Knowledge of Job
Planning & Preparation
Use of Effective Methods and Techniques
Response to Teaching/Training Others
Sensitivity to Individual Students/Co-Workers Needs
Management Skills (Discipline)
Interest in Company (work place)
Ability to Work with Parents/Community

Please record your overall evaluation of this applicant by selecting the appropriate number on the chart below.

EvaluationWhere 10=Excellent and 1=Poor
Was applicant your employee?
If Yes, what were the employment dates?
Was the applicant allowed to resign from his/her job in order to avoid investigation, charges, or termination?
Was the applicant dismissed for cause?
Was the applicant ever removed from any assignment(s) or extra-curricular activities?
Were there any reports or allegations of inappropriate use of a school/business computer or cell phone or other school property?
Did the District/Company investigate?
Were there any report/allegations of inappropriate conduct with students/customers, fellow employees, or supervisors either during or outside the workday?
Were there any disciplinary actions initiated with the applicant?
Would you re-employ this applicant?

If you need to talk directly to the person you are sending this reference to concerning any issues, please call the HR Specialist at (615) 472-4007.