Library/Media Center

The Fairview Elementary School library has thousands of fiction and nonfiction books,  as well as other materials for use by our students and staff. We provide resources and recreational reading materials that enable our students to become both information literate and lifelong readers.

Who Works Here?

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When can my student check out a book?

Student have the opportunity to check out books during their scheduled library time. They also are able to visit the library during other hours of the school day at their teacher’s discretion. Kindergartners and first graders are allowed to check out one book per visit.  Second graders are allowed to check out two; third graders – three; fourth and fifth graders are allowed to check out four. Students must return their books to check out or renew the books.

Book Fair

We have two books fairs during the school year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Students visit the book fair during their scheduled library time. If you are interested in volunteering during the book fair please email our librarian.

Important Links

Renaissance Place (AR) – You will need to use your child’s username and password to log in and see your child’s progress

Library Destiny Catalog – Search for books and resources available in Fairview Elementary’s Library.

Student Google Account – Williamson County’s student email access.