Related Arts

Fairview Elementary School students attend “specials” classes (Related Arts) designed to enrich the daily curriculum. Students will participate in art, life skills, music, library, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math lab, and physical education.

An active art program that concentrates on exploring different techniques of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, and creating crafts in a studio setting is offered at FES. The student artists use several different media including watercolor, tempura paint, craypas, clay, chalk, charcoal, markers, and more. Art lessons integrate with the classroom curriculum to provide an additional way to learn. This curriculum provides students with experience in different artistic styles and movements.

During Learning Commons related arts class, students will visit the library. They will participate in a variety of activities including hearing stories, collaborating in centers, and checking out library books. Our hope is that all Fairview Elementary Hawks foster a life long love of reading.

Life Skill class strives to build skills for life. From study skills to conflict resolution, students are taught topics to promote social, emotional, and academic development. This special area class is a positive learning environment designed to build student confidence, leadership, and advocacy.

Fairview Elementary also offers a developmentally appropriate music program that focuses on music appreciation, enjoyment, reading, writing, and singing. Early grades are introduced to musical symbols and icons and given opportunities to explore their own voices, dance, play certain instruments, and learn many children’s songs-primarily folk songs. Upper grades continue to use their voices as they learn more advanced music reading skills and begin writing their own short songs and melodies. They begin to study various styles of music and learn about their importance in history and today’s society. The music curriculum is based upon the guidelines set forth by the Music Educator’s National Conference.

Fairview Elementary students will visit the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) lab as a part of their Learning Commons class. Students will have the opportunity to problem-solve through real world application, exploring coding, engineering, and computational thinking. Our students will be exposed to a variety of technology when visiting the STEM lab as well and will learn to navigate the most efficient ways to problem-solve, communicate, collaborate, and create new ideas in a rapidly changing world.

Fairview Elemenatary strongly believes that physical education is an essential component in the total development of all children. Certified physical education teachers expose students to many types of activities designed to increase each child’s endurance, strength, coordination, sportsmanship, and self-esteem. Fairview Elementary participates in the Focused Fitness program and tests students in grades 1 – 5 two times each year.


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