Programs at Franklin High

Franklin High students have a wide range of program opportunities to participate in before, during, and after the school day. Whether a club, sport, activity, or theater production, there is something for every Franklin Rebel.


Visual & Digital Art, Theater, Vocal and Instrumental Music classes are just a few of the ways that students can create, perform, develop, and showcase their artistic skills and talents. Franklin High has well established, award winning programs in Fine Arts.


Teamwork and sportsmanship are fostered through participation in athletics programs. Students build not only healthy habits but lifelong friendships as well. Coaches work hard to build character and leadership skills, while encouraging the importance of academics.


Involvement in extracurricular activities for high school students is invaluable to their academic success, and gives each student participating a sense of belonging and fellowship.  Learn more about extracurricular activities offered at FHS.

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