About FMS Athletics

Fairview Middle School is proud to offer 14 athletic programs to our students. A list of all of our programs, coaches, contact information, try-out dates, and seasons can be found below. Please feel free to ask our staff any questions.

CONFERENCES: FMS is a part of 2 Athletic Conferences. Our main conference is the MTAC conference. This conference includes football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, golf, and volleyball. Our wrestling team competes in a wrestling only conference called the MCAC conference. We also have several sports that are not included in either of these two conferences, but instead complete an individual schedule and even compete at the state level in the TMSAA. These sports include cross country, tennis, and track and field.

TMSAA: FMS will be a member of the Tennessee Middle School Athletic Association this year. The TMSAA will follow these rules and guidelines in every sport.

SPORTS PHYSICALS: Every student athlete must have a sports physical before they can participate in try-outs or participate in any team practices. Please have your physician fill out form linked above for your child to be eligible. Also please try to have your physical scheduled during the summer to prohibit the delays in their ability to participate. Please see below for academic eligibility playing time, and transportation.

ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY: The Williamson County Board of Education has set our grading policy of eligibility of student athletes. all student athletes must maintain a 70 or better in all academic classes. Grades will be checked every week for all student athletes. If students fall below 70 or receive an overall grade of incomplete, they will have one week to bring their grades to satisfactory. If they fail to do so, they will be put on probation where they may practice but not dress out and participate in the games. The student becomes eligible again when all grades reach 70. If a student receives below a 70 on their report card for the nine weeks, they are suspended from all athletics (practices and games) until the next report card (9 weeks).

PLAYING TIME: Fairview Middle School does not have a guaranteed playing time policy. It is the decision of each coach who plays and how much. Please do not question a coach about playing time. The Fairview Recreation programs have an equitable playing policy if you are not satisfied with the amount of game time your student athlete is receiving.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is not provided for all sports due to early game times and money constraints. Parents are expected to provide transportation to and from all games when a bus is not provided. Coaches are not allowed to organize carpools for liability reasons. Due to this, parent support is needed to get our athletes to and from athletic contests.


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