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Fairview Middle Spring Athletics

Spring athletic teams begin practice during the winter months in most cases. The spring athletic season runs from early March through May.


It is a requirement that all baseball players recognize themselves as student athletes with the word “student” coming before the word “athlete”. The following is a list of expectations that all baseball players are expected to comply with.

  1. You shall represent the Fairview Middle School Baseball Program in a positive manner in school and out of school.
  2. You shall be honest with yourself, parents, coaches, and teachers if mistakes OR bad choices are made-Do Not Lie.
  3. Players shall NOT conduct themselves in a manner that puts our school or baseball program in a negative light. This includes but is not limited to any negative interactions with teachers, students (whether FMS students or not), teammates, adults within the community, employers, and any alleged criminal activity.
  4. You shall have the utmost respect for the administration, teachers, substitute teachers, other school employees, and peers.
  5. You shall strive to obtain the best grades possible.  You shall seek out extra help from teachers, if needed, prior to your grades becoming a subject of concern. Baseball will not last forever, education is paramount.
  6. Students whose grades in any of the four (4) academic subjects (History, Math, Science, English) fall below 70 for the nine-week grading period will be placed on probation. Students on probation may practice, but not play in games. As soon as the grade has improved to an average of 70 or above, the student will be allowed to participate on the team, except that a student shall not play for at least 1 week after being placed on probation. Any student whose grade does not improve to an average of 70 or above in each of the four academic subjects by the mid-term progress report, that student will be suspended from participation until the next nine-week grading period.
  7. Your behavior shall be a model for other students to follow in the classroom.
  8. There will be no excuse for negative academic performance within the control of the student athlete or negative behavior within the classroom.
  9. Student behavior will be monitored throughout the school year. While mistakes are inevitable, athletes will be held accountable for the poor choices they may make inside and outside of school.

Baseball tryouts are held in the fall prior to the start of the spring season. The number/duration of tryout days depend on the amount of students trying out for the sport. Tryouts will be conducted by the Fairview Middle and High School baseball coaching staff. Players will be evaluated on all aspects of the game including performance in the classroom. Being that Baseball players will be held in high regard, The coaching staff may also rely on faculty for insight into whether or not a particular student athlete would serve as a good role model for peers.

During the season, baseball players will either participate in practices or games AT LEAST 4 days per week. Practices will always follow the final bell and usually be about 2 hours long. While there is a possibility of transportation being provided to baseball players to games, It is the responsibility of the player/parent(s)/guardian to arrange for transportation too and from practice/games. The regular season schedule will take place from the end of February to early May. Any Postponed/Rescheduled games/practices will be communicated to all parents/players as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the 2019 – 2020 Baseball season, please email Coach Jacob Coners.

Boys' Soccer

Boys’ soccer players are expected to maintain excellent grades and behavior before, during, and after the soccer season. Violation of either of these expectations could result in loss of playing time or other consequences per coach’s discretion.

Boys’ soccer tryouts are held at the end of winter or beginning of spring season of the school year. For three to four days, the participants take part in different soccer drills such as ball possession, defense, attack, long kicks, 1 v 1, speed, etc., to help them standout to be selected for the team. At the end of the fourth day, a list will be posted for those who made the team.

Boys’ soccer tryouts for the 2019 – 2020 school year will take place during the week of January 28th – February 1st and the team will be selected then.

During the season, boys’ soccer will practice every day of the week from Monday to Friday except on game days, inclement weather, or otherwise announced by the coach. The season begins in February and ends in May.

Regular season and non-conference games are usually played on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays with a total of at least 10 games. Playdates and Championship games are played on Saturdays from around 8:00 am – 3:00 pm. The schedule will change for postponed games and updates communicated through email or announcement.

If you have any questions about the 2019 – 2020 Boys’ Soccer season, please contact Coach Alfred Takop.


Lady Falcon softball player is expected to represent Fairview Middle school at all times. A student athlete meets criteria in the classroom and on the field. A Player acknowledges that performance in both areas will determine her success as a teammate. It is the players responsibility to be at all practices and games on time. Being tardy and/or leaving early without having approval from the head coach is deemed an unexcused absence.

Lady Falcon Softball Team tryouts are typically held late January/early February and are open to students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th. Announcements will be made to students and information will be placed in the school newsletter notifying students and parents of the opportunity to try out.
It is a WCS policy that all athletes must have a current sports physical on file. A sports physical is approved by a physician before the set tryout date and shall remain current throughout the entire season.

Practices/Conditioning will begin once team is selected.
Games are scheduled both home and away during the months of March through May.

Team Goals

  • Develop and promote skill advancement of all players for every facet of the game.
  • Develop and encourage effective communication with coaches, parents and players while ensuring courtesy is shown for faculty, umpires, official, teammates and opponents.
  • Promote healthy competition and encourage players to aspire to a higher level of play.
  • Emphasize teamwork, skill development, leadership and personal growth.

For questions about the 2019 – 2020 softball season, please contact Coach Kenny Long.

Track & Field

All athletes participating in track and field are expected to maintain high academic achievement and be leaders in their classrooms. Athletes should always be in good standing with their teachers and administration in regard to school discipline.

Tryouts for Track will take place in late February or early March depending on weather. The team will be decided based on total numbers of athletes wanting to participate, times for specific events, and height/distances for field events. It is the wish of the coaches to provide an opportunity for as many athletes as possible while still keeping numbers manageable to have effective practices.

Track season starts the first week of April and can continue into late may depending on individual and team performance at the TMSAA qualifying sectional meet.

If you have any questions about the 2019 – 2020 Track and Field season, please contact Coach Preston Brooks for the boys’ team or Coach Stephanie Hughes for the girls’ team.


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