Power Mondays

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Power Mondays

What are Power Mondays?
Power Mondays give teachers a chance to have professional development and for students to sleep in.  Power Mondays WILL NOT be every Monday! You can see the complete list of Power Mondays at the bottom of this page.  On Power Mondays, students don’t have to be at school until 8:25am.  They will report to their first period classroom where attendance will be taken.  Students will be counted absent or will receive a tardy if they are not in their first period classroom by 8:25am.  It is recommended to drop students off by 8:15am in order to give them a chance to go to their lockers and get to their class on time.

What if the students get to school at the usual time?
All buses will run their routes at the normal times.  So, students who ride the bus will report to their homeroom class when they arrive at school and will participate in an advisory lesson.  Car riders that arrive at the usual time are also expected to report to their homeroom class.

When are Power Mondays?
Power Mondays WILL NOT be every Monday.  Please note the list of Power Mondays for the 2017-2018 school year below:

Power Monday Dates
August 21st
 August 28th
 September 11th
 September 18th
 September 25th
 October 16th
 October 23rd
 October 30th
 November 13th
 December 4th
 December 11th
January 22nd
 January 29th
 February 5th
 February 12th
 February 26th
 March 5th
 March 12th
 April 2nd
 April 16th
 April 23rd