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How Students Can Access Our Ebooks (PDF)

Library Mission Statement: To insure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information by providing access to a multitude of materials in a variety of formats.

Library Goals:

  • To provide a learning environment that promotes literacy by providing the materials for the instruction of the individual student or groups of students
  • To provide leadership, collaboration and assistance to teachers
  • To maintain a library collection that supports the curriculum with a variety of print and non-print resources that meets the needs/interests of all students

Library Policies/Procedures:

  • Library Hours: 7:05am – 2:40pm Mon-Fri
  • Books are checked out for a two week period.
  • Students may check out 2 books at a time.
  • Books may be renewed one time. Have the book with you to renew it.
  • Overdue fines – $.10 cents per day per book
  • Students with fines or over dues may not continue to check out books until fines are paid.
  • Lost books will be charged full price.
  • Damaged/lost barcode costs $2.00.
  • Always have your planner with you!!
  • Visit the library as often as you would like or need with your teacher’s permission.

Internet Policy:

  • Sign the AUP form
  • Use your county login username.
  • Use the county generated password.
  • Abide by the WCS internet board policies.
  • Used only for school work. No surfing the internet or email.
  • Misuse of this privilege can result in disabling of your account.

Library Behavior Guide:

  • Use those great quiet voices.
  • Show respect at all times.
  • NO GUM or candy in Library.
  • Take proper care of school property.
  • Walk at all times.
  • Follow all school rules.
  • Be a great CITIZEN!!

2017 Poetry Contest Results!

1st place (tie):   Erin King (“Dolls”) and Mackenzie White (“The War That Took My Life”)
2nd place (tie):  Daphna Eldar (“A Thousand Years”) and Ana King (“No”)
3rd place:   Luke Gill (“Sonnet 19”)

The following are the winners of the “Guess the Reader” contest:

6th grade (tied): Josh Carroll & Phil Santoro

7th grade:  Ashlyn Garner

8th grade:  Kierstin Crow