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Fairview High School Band

Welcome to the 2017-18 Fairview High School Band website. Please click on the links to find out information about all aspects of the band program at Fairview High School. If you have any questions about the band program, please contact Justin Barr at .

Fairview High School Band Directors and Instructors Information (PDF opens in a new window)

Aspects of the Band Program at Fairview High School:

Concert Band
The development of our musicianship comes primarily from the concert band program. This is where we learn scales, exercises, and play our most difficult music.  We play every day during band to develop consistency in musicianship and technicality on our horns.  To be a part of the band program, you must be enrolled in the concert band class.  The concert band typically has four concerts during the year; the Christmas concert, concert performance assessment (field trip to MTSU), cpa prep concert, and a spring concert.  Attendance to these concerts is mandatory because it is the summative assessment of the band.

Marching Band
The marching band is the most visual representation of the band.  It is a competitive extracurricular ensemble for students who are highly dedicated to band, which is usually the large majority. The marching band has a camp for two weeks during the summer, and when school begins rehearsals take place after schools a few days a week.  The marching band performs at football games, competitions, parades, and many other events.

Competitions take place on Saturdays in September, October, and November.  We will have four contests; Wilco Exhibition, two regional contests, and Div 2 State Championships.  A typical contest day can take from 9am-11pm.  Different schedules will be emailed for each contest.  These events are the primary purpose of the marching band.  These are our “games.”

Football games- Each Friday (except fall break), we will attend the fooball game in support of our FvHS Football Team.  One of the roles of the marching band is to provide an atmosphere at the games that favors our team.  On Friday, we will have rehearsal after school, the boosters will provide dinner, and we will go to the game.  Fridays usually end around 11 PM.

Parades- The FvHS Marching Band represents Fairview community by participating in parades throughout the year.  Expected parades include the Veterans Day Parade, the Fairview Christmas Parade, and the Franklin Rodeo Parade.

Pep Band
One of our roles is to be a pep band.  This means that we take an active part in the game by cheering with the cheerleaders, leading pep songs, and creating an upbeat, exciting atmosphere for the games.  The pep band may also play at basketball games.  Members of the concert band and marching band are expected to play with the pep band at pep rallys.

Chamber Ensembles
Many times, small groups of students will form separate ensembles to play different kinds of music.  These are called chamber ensembles.  We can use these groups to perform at events such as the FvHS Talent Show, WCS Arts Festival, or fund raising events.

Private Instruction
Although it is not required, each student is encouraged to take private lessons.  Private instruction helps students by focusing individual attention on his/her needs as a musician.  Many of the individual playing issues not able to be concisely covered in the full band setting may be addressed by taking lessons.  Many fine local musicians teach private lessons and are always looking for additional students.  Most offer reasonable rates for their services. Please consult Mr. Barr or Mrs. Halford for further details.