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Fairview High School JROTC


Yellow Jacket mascot dressed in Army attire for JROTC

What is Rifle/ Marksmanship? is a sport skill where a rifle is aimed, controlled, and fired so as to consistently hit distant, and difficult targets.

  • A sport with a military heritage
  • An Olympic sport practiced world-wide
  • A sport with scholarship potential
  • A sport that stresses control, discipline, concentration and extreme precision
  • An enjoyable, lifetime recreation & competition activity

Practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the school cafeteria from 3-5pm. Rifle team has a Varsity and JV division. Varsity shoots 5 times during the year. Varsity matches allow 4 shooters from each school in a single relay shooting a 3×20. Varsity shooters compete for a league championship and individual awards based on points. JV shoots 3 matches during the year. JV allows any number of shooters from each school in 3×10 multiple relays. Shooters may shoot in either division, but not in the same year. League fee is $10 per shooter.

What is a Raider?

No it’s not Indiana Jones or a lost treasure hunter, but Raiders do a lot of the adventurous activities that comes with being one.

High School/Junior ROTC’s Raiders are the equivalent of the Senior/College ROTC’s Rangers.

“Raiders” are adventure athletes that battle against other teams in events that test their mental as well as their physical strength, endurance, values and character. Raiders do this while simultaneously working together as a team to solve complex problems and overcome the toughest physical, environmental, and psychological obstacles. Raiders learn and experience words like heart, perseverance, arduous, solidarity, family, fortitude, esprit de corps, success, monsoon, resilience, steadfast, and many others during their competitions.

Raider competitions are like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Battle Frog Obstacle Races, or World’s Strongest Man Competitions with a mental skills twist. They normally consist of 5-8 events that may include 5 or more of the following: fitness events, obstacle courses, survival skills, building rope bridges, climbing ropes, rappelling, leader reaction courses, knot tying, rafting or canoeing events, map reading, land navigation/orienteering, Truck push or pulls, equipment carry/relays, first aid, moving an injured person from point A to B while negotiating obstacles, ruck marches/hiking, 5K runs, and some track & field events.

You do not need prior experience to be a Raider. All you need is a desire to be part of something great.

Raider Practice Schedule:

The Cadet Leadership Camp is normally scheduled for the 3rd week in July. It lasts one week. Date and times TBD. Although this camp is open to rising freshmen and all of JROTC, it is highly recommended that Raiders attend.

Fall Season after school practice begins the first day of school and runs through November 15. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 2:37-5:30pm, 15 August – November 15.

Winter Conditioning (Pre-Winter Break) Mon, Wed, Fri from 6-7am. (Post -Winter Break) Monday-Friday 0600-0700 (This schedule is flexible and may change)

Spring Season practice begins March 15th and run through May 15TH. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday: 2:37-5:30pm.

Fencing Team:

It’s basically sword fighting!!!!

Fencing was one of the original nine sports in the inaugural modern Olympic Games played in Athens, Greece in 1896. It is one of only four sports that have been featured at every single Olympic competitions since 1896.

The sport of fencing incorporates agility, strength, coordination, balance, and timing. In fencing, physical ability is just as important as having a strong mental edge. The competitors of a fencing match wear protective gear including a jacket, glove, and head gear. The sport of fencing features three different levels, which are categorized by the type of weapon used in each level. There are three weapons in fencing: epee, foil and sabre.

Fencing Practice Schedule:

Practices are Wednesday morning 0600-0645 and Wednesday during lunch. (Location TBD)

The Fairview High School US Army Junior ROTC Drill Team

A precision drill team with the primary purpose of competing and showcasing Fairview our Cadets. The Drill Team is comprised of cadets who wish to learn the Individual Drill with a Rifle, and perform at drill meets against fierce competition. There are three different categories:


IDR is mainly the individual movements of the rifle while standing fast (standing still) and marching all in accordance with Army Training Circular (TC) 3-21.5. IDR includes the categories of squad drill and platoon drill, each with a male, female or co-ed category. At the end of most drill meets, an event called “IDR Knockout” takes place. This is where all participants will be graded individually in a large mass against each other with stationary drill (facing movements and rifle movements).


Exhibition is basically anything goes. There are two categories, armed (with a rifle) and unarmed. Exhibition combines careful and precise choreography of IDR with with dance, tumbling, stomp, and the spinning of the rifles. This takes more practice and skill than IDR. The categories include Squad, Platoon, Duals, and Single. Competition is harder in exhibition because there are no set movements or spins, you must create them on your own. You make your own sequence, then run through it once for the judges. You are judge on originality, style, and your ability to make it look military in nature.

Color Guard

Color Guard is the presentation of the Colors in a four-cadet group. Competition in this category is actually almost as tough as exhibition. This is due to the fact that Color Guard is not as exciting as Exhibition, but the movements are lengthy and must be precise. One mistake and you can lose.

Ceremonial Color Guard

The Color Guard is not just for competition. The Ceremonial Color Guard is composed of the most elite cadets of every JROTC program. The Fairview High School US Army JROTC Color guard represents our school and our community at public ceremonies, professional and high school sporting events, veteran organization events, community events, parades and other school-related functions and activities. We now present our National Colors for the Nashville Predators Professional Hockey Team and the Nashville Sounds Baseball Team. Ceremonial Color guard is all year long and even has events during the summer. Our goal for this year is to have a mounted Color guard on horses.

Drill Team Practice Schedule:

Practice begins November 15TH through April 15TH every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Color Guard: Practices on Thursdays from 2:37-4pm until Drill season begins. Then Color guard practices follow the Drill schedule. Thursday practices will resume after the Drill season.