We Are Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our Mission and Vision

Fairview High School challenges and empowers all students to be lifelong learners and successful leaders.

Fairview High School exists to foster Jacket Pride by modeling service to others, collaborating as a school community for the betterment of all, and relentlessly encouraging higher expectations to achieve personal excellence.

Fairview High School History

Fairview High was established in 1956 with the name of West High since it served the residents of Western Williamson County. Before the school was built students from this area had to attend Franklin or Hillsboro High Schools. The school was located on Highway 100 and it presently serves as a Williamson County Parks and Recreation Center. The school had students from grades 7-12. The school’s first principal was W.W. Wallace and the first graduating class had 20 seniors. The students choose the Yellow Jacket as its mascot and black and gold as its colors. In 1962 the school’s name was officially changed to Fairview High.

The school was moved in 1982 to present location at 2595 Fairview Boulevard. The building has had several additions since its opening including 3 wing additions, sports auditorium, outdoor athletic weight room and in 2017 we added a  performing arts center.

Alma Mater

Neath our county’s western border
reared against the sky
Proudly stands our Alma Mater
as the years go by
Forward ever be our watchward
conquer and prevail
Hail to thee our Alma Mater
Fairview High, all Hail!

Fairview High School Fight Song

Go Jackets win this game
Show the world your might
Go Jackets win this game
You’ve got to stay in there and fight, fight, fight, fight
Go Jackets win this fight
Victory is in sight
So let’s win this game and fight for the name
Of Fairview High!