Fine Arts

Fairview High is extremely proud of its Arts programs. As you navigate the Art program tabs, you can find a fit that is great for you!

You may purchase tickets online for our plays by using seat yourself.  Tickets are $10.00 for 6th grade and up and $5.00 for 5th grade and under. For more information, please contact the  Theatre Program or Lauren Knoop.

The art class is for those that love to draw. Did we say you had to be good at drawing? No, of course not! Doodlers are welcome!

Julia Sanchez is our art teacher.

The Fairview High School Band is where the students have a heart for music, as the school year progresses their many different styles come to a cohesiveness that create a beautiful crescendo! The teachers provide a fun, safe, challenging stage for the students to grow and find their own style in Band.

Mark Kinzer is our Band Director. 

This course is designed for students who love to sing! Whether you feel like your best performance is in the safety of your car or shower, or whether you feel like you could be the next American Idol, this class is for you. Students will sing every day in class, as well as participate in class activities and assignments. Students will learn how to read and notate music, including rhythms, tempo, dynamics, melodic notation, and vocal productions. Full participation each day is expected to improve musical sound and to complete our ensemble. There will be several performances throughout the year, and students are expected to attend and perform. Students will also have the opportunity to audition for state and regional ensembles.

Jessica White is our Choir Teacher.

Have you ever wanted to play a stringed instrument? Do you like fiddling? Jazz? Classical music? Rock? Pop? Country?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then orchestra is for you! This course is offered to any students who play (or have the desire to play) the violin, viola, cello, bass, or harp. Students will learn beginning to advanced rhythms, notes, and musical concepts. We will play instruments every day in class, and students are expected to practice at home for best results. We will perform several times throughout the course of the year. Students will also have the opportunity to audition for state and regional ensembles.

Jessica White is our, and the middle school’s, Orchestra Teacher.

The Fairview High School theatre department is known for putting on bold, exciting, and quality theatre. There are at least two main stage shows: usually a fall play and a spring musical. In addition, upper level theatre classes often devise or write additional shows. The Thespian Society at Fairview consists of a dedicated and brilliant group of students who organize a number of events, including open mic nights, talent shows, and service projects. In addition to this, they attend a thespian conference to develop and sharpen their theatrical skills. The theatre courses offered at Fairview consist of levels 1 – 4 and there is a production design class that focuses on designing sets, costumes, and make-up, lights and sound. There is a place for everyone in this department and all skills are welcome. To quote the wonderful students in this department, “Being part of the theatre department means being part of a family – a really weird family.”

Lauren Knoop is our Theater Teacher.