Grassland School Community Association (GSCA)

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Our Grassland School Community Association (GSCA) is the parent support organization for Grassland Elementary School. We are dedicated to implementing volunteers and managing the funds for most of our volunteer run programs, events and educational enhancements for the student body of Grassland Elementary School.

On behalf of the GSCA Board and our students, we look forward to a productive year and a wonderful GES experience. Your contribution to our school and volunteer efforts not only assists us in striving to meet our financial goals, but also creates a productive and wonderful school year for our children. And most importantly, your support and involvement in GES and GSCA is greatly appreciated.

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2019 – 2020 GSCA Board Members

Gai Davis, President
Ashley Dennis, First Vice President
Mary Pribyl, Second Vice President
Katie Creech, Executive Vice President
Michelle Davelaar, Corresponding Secretary
Heather Broyles, Recording Secretary
Glyna Brooks, Community Liaison
Susan Tatman (through 2019), Treasurer
Erica Collins (starting 2020), Treasurer
Lori Fine, Ex-Officio