The GES Media Center

The Library/Media Center is staffed by a full time library media specialist and a library assistant. The Media Center is centrally located within the school and houses the print and non-print collection that supplements and enriches the academic curriculum. Computer terminals provide access to the Internet, online encyclopedias, Accelerated Reader program, Follett OPAC, etc. The Media Center continually promotes the enjoyment of literature and the use of informational skills through various programs and activities.

Mission & Strategies

The Grassland Elementary School Library provides materials and resources to support the curriculum and encourage the love of reading. Our goal is for students to become independent library users, users of information and lifelong learners with a love of reading. Resources are in the form of print, non-print and electronic materials.

The Media Center is open to students Monday through Friday from 8:50 AM to 3:20 PM. It is open to Staff Monday through Friday from 8:20 AM to 3:35 PM.

Students in Kindergarten may check out one book for one week. Students in grades 1-4 may check out two books for one week. Students in grade 5 may check out three books for one week. Open checkout is every day, all day. Books may be renewed for two additional times and then must be returned for others to enjoy.

Media Center Policies

  • All classes have a scheduled library time and/or teacher requested class checkout time each rotation. During this time, students enjoy stories, learn library skills, return books, and select new ones. In addition to their scheduled class time, all students have an opportunity each day to return and select books.
  • Please return damaged books to the library for repair. Accidents can and do happen. Pets chew books, younger siblings redesign them, snack boxes leak, etc. Books damaged beyond repair must be replaced. A damage bill with replacement costs will be sent home. Should a page accidentally rip, please return the book to the library and we will repair the page with special tape.
  • There is not a fine for overdue books. However, if a student has an overdue book, checkout privileges are denied until the book is returned.
  • Books that have not been located in 30 days are presumed to be lost. An overdue bill with the cost of replacing the book will be sent home.

Media Center Contacts

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Beth Williams
Library Media Assistant

Media Center Resources

Below is a list of some of our popular and helpful resources for students and parents.