We are the Grassland Generals

the Grassland General

The Grassland General

Grassland Middle School is dedicated to enriching students’ lives through relationship building, rigorous curriculum, relentless instruction, and relevant materials. We aim to consistently care for and challenge our students while giving them a well-rounded education in academics, arts, athletics, and extra-curricular activities.

Our staff is passionate about education and driven for student success. Our students continue to meet our high expectations as we prepare them for college & career readiness.

It’s a great day to be a General!

About Grassland Middle

Grassland Middle School was opened in 1986 for 500 students in grades five through eight. The building’s first principal was Dr. Ann Vaughn.

In 1990 Walnut Grove Elementary School was opened and the fifth graders were moved back to the elementary school. This dropped the enrollment to 450 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students who were served by sixteen classroom teachers and six support staff.

In that same year Mr. Barry Watkins was hired as the building’s second principal. He remained principal until 1999 when he  was named Director of Middle Schools for Williamson County.

Today, with Dr. Kevin Dyson as principal,  the enrollment consists of approximately 1000 students.   Eighty-two staff members provide educational services in regular education, related arts and special education programs.

Grassland Middle Mission & Vision

Grassland Middle School exists to prepare students to be life-long learners and responsible members of society.

We accomplish this by providing students an opportunity to engage in an edifying and supportive learning environment and by increasing the protective factors for students while decreasing the known risk factors. As a result students are able to achieve academic success and to demonstrate exemplary character both on and off the GMS campus.