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Clubs and Groups

 Hunters Bend Elementary School offers many extracurricular activities in which students can learn collaboration, creativity, and create life-long healthy habits.

The Hunters Bend School Chorus is open to any students in 4th and 5th grade who love to sing! Rehearsals take place in the morning before school once a week, and we will have 2 main performances during the school year.

led by Lauren Smallwood

Students learn advanced, jump rope techniques. Students have performed around Middle TN. This student group has won numerous awards. This group to open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

Fourth and fifth grade students at HBES meet to discuss ways to make Hunters Bend an even better place to attend school. Students do various activities that improve the school, help the community, and keep Field Stone Farms a great place to live.

led by Lee Boone

Two students from Environmental Club collecting recycling at school.

4th and 5th Students at Hunters Bend Elementary School meet to discuss ways to improve the environment on the HBES Campus.

led by Celeste Grider

At HBES, we strive to provide a safe learning environment, and we believe our students can play an important role. The Safety Patrol is a group of responsible fifth grade students who show leadership qualities and endeavor to help our school community. Duties of the Safety Patrol may include helping in various ways such as: assist teachers to monitor students’ arrival to school in the morning, empty the school recycling bins, set up for school events, and keeping teachers informed of issues that may arise in our hallways or bathrooms.

led by: Chad Walker

HBES Newspaper is entirely written by the student body. Fourth and Fifth Grade students meet several time a month in order to organize and collaborate the creation of the newspaper. The paper is published monthly. Students who participate in this club must submit an application to Mrs. Gorman, receive teacher recommendation, and maintain an A/B average.

led by: Stephanie Gorman

The Hot Shots team holding their medals up that they won

Students learn advanced, jump rope techniques in a team effort.  Students have performed around Middle TN. This student group has won numerous awards.  This group to open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

led by Lisa Arnold (Auditions required)


Coach Nancy Rose and Coach Amber Gates hold their team's cross country trophy as a group of 3rd-5th girls smile at the camera.

The Hustling Hound Dog Run/Cross Country Club will practice Tuesday’s and Thursday’s before school at 7:45 am to spotlight the joy of running and starting the day off on a positive note. The club will focus on the one mile distance, good running mechanics and core strength work. Club members will have the opportunity to participate in cross country meets if they so desire.

led by: Nancy Rose

For student athletes transitioning to middle school, please  visit the WCS Interscholastic Athletics (opens in a new window) page for information and all required forms needed to be eligible for tryouts and participation in athletic programs or activities.