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Buddy the Dog sitting by a mailbox

Dear Buddy Rules

Throughout the semester,  you will find a problem that Buddy has.  If you feel that you can offer good advice to him,  contact Mrs. Boone.  Then she will be able to choose the good friend advice to tell Buddy.

Answer Buddy’s question by writing him a letter. Turn in your letter to Mrs. Boone. If you solve Buddy’s problem, your name will be entered to be selected as Buddy’s buddy of the month!

Buddy learned from his friends at the Bend, and their ideas and advice helped him solve his problem! One student suggested that Buddy use flash cards to help him remember what he is learning as well as meeting with the teacher for additional help. Another student reminded Buddy that he has faced challenges in the past and overcome them, and she said to keep in mind that failure leads to success! Another great piece of advice helped Buddy know that everyone makes mistakes. Buddy was encouraged to believe in himself and always give his best effort so that he can know he will have a great year. Finally, one friend shared that paying attention, hard work, and practice really do pay off and lead to learning, good grades, and the confidence to stretch and grow more!
October: “This year school work is really starting to get hard. Last year I felt really confident. I liked feeling pleased with my school work and knowing the answers. This year is harder, more of a challenge, and I am worried that I will make mistakes and be embarrassed. What can I do?”

A group of five fourth grade girls holding buddy the dog while smiling

Buddy’s Letter

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