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Joni Nesbitt
Marsha Smitherman
Library Assistant

Each class has a scheduled time to receive library instruction, return books and select new ones.  Individual students may come to check out books throughout the day with teacher permission.
Students in Kindergarten may check out one book at a time for one week. Students in grades 1 – 5 may check out two books at a time. Students have daily access to the library and may come each day to return books and get new books with teacher permission. Books may be renewed as long as no one else is waiting for the book.
Please return damaged books to the library for repair. Accidents can and do happen.  Pets chew books, younger siblings color in them, water bottles leak, etc.   Books damaged while checked out to a student will be assessed by the librarian to determine whether repairs can be made.  A notice with replacement costs will be sent home for books damaged beyond repair.  If a page is torn, please return the book to the library so we can repair it with special tape.

There is not a fine for overdue books. If you are finished with the book please return the book to the library so someone else can enjoy the book or renew the book if you are not finished with it.
If a book is lost, a notice will be sent with the cost of the book.  We cannot accept cash so please send a check written to Hunters Bend Elementary for the exact amount.  We buy books with library binding and processing so replacement books will not be accepted.  Once a book is paid for we are unable to give refunds if it is found.
What books are in our Hunters Bend library and are they available?  Use Destiny, our on-line card catelog.
Do you want to know if a book has an AR test?   Visit AR Book Finder to answer that question.