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Art: Do your fingers itch to make beautiful and interesting things? Interested in learning all kinds of different ways to make art? Art class will include: clay sculpture, assemblage, painting, drawing, glass, weaving, and more. 9 week Course.

Band: Do you love music? This introductory class gives students the opportunity to learn a new instrument! There is no prerequisite required and students do not need any prior experience. 6th Grade Band is a great opportunity to meet new students and gain an appreciation and love for music. We perform in various concerts throughout the year. There is a $100 fee for participation and information regarding instrumental rental is available.  Involves after school commitment. Yearlong Course.

Choir: Is your inner rock star waiting to be heard? Choir will help you learn to sing various styles of music, from pop to traditional, and perform in a group setting. Involves after school commitment. Semester or Yearlong Course.

PE: P.E. will cover basic health concepts as well as athletic skills, and gameplay units (fitness, volleyball, soccer, floor polo, flag football, basketball, bowling and cooperative games.) 9 week course.

Computer: Computer Class will learn skills to impress your teachers and parents: Gmail and Google apps, Web 2.0 sites, and Presentation, Spreadsheets and Word Processing apps. 9 week course.

Theatre: Is onstage your favorite place to be? Theatre class will include: -Character Development , Acting, Stage/Costume Design, and Historical Research (Time period writing/pieces). Instructor: 9 week course.