Hillsboro’s Mission Statement

Hillsboro Elementary Middle School provides a multi-disciplinary approach to learning that incorporates the arts, academics, and athletics. We promote life-long learning. We cultivate ability, intellect, and character by empowering students to become productive and responsible citizens of the twenty-first century.

Hillsboro’s Vision Statement

The vision of Hillsboro School, parents, and community is to work together to promote success for all students now and in the future.

Hillsboro’s Beliefs

  1. All children can learn, achieve, and accomplish any goal.
  2. High standards and expectations must be maintained throughout the school community.
  3. All students must have the opportunity for high quality education in the least restrictive environment.
  4. Respect and tolerance for each individual is fundamental to teaching and learning.
  5. The value of varied cultures, ethnic groups, and socioeconomic must be emphasized and appreciated in the educational process.
  6. Parent, family, community, and business engagement is critical for students to succeed.
  7. Our school must be safe, civil, clean, and drug-free.
  8. Quality faculty and other staff are essential to school excellence.
  9. Students must be active participants in learning experiences.
  10. The value of the arts and technology must be emphasized and integrated into the educational process.
  11. Our students must learn to provide services without tangible rewards in order to be positive and productive global citizens.
  12. It is our responsibility to ensure students have critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and can apply real-world application skills.