A Message from Dr. Justice

Hello and welcome to Hillsboro School! We are excited to begin this journey with you and your family. My name is Dr. Alicia Justice, and I am the Principal of Hillsboro Elementary Middle School. I am starting my 19th year in public education and my 9th year serving Hillsboro School. I am honored to serve our students, parents, faculty, staff, and the Hillsboro community.

At our school, we promote lifelong learning. We want students to be curious, ask questions, think, and problem solve for their own growth. We cultivate ability, intellect, and character by empowering student to take responsibility of their own learning and actions. We believe that students should respect themselves, respect others, and take pride in their school. It is our goal that our students become productive and responsible citizens contributing in a positive way to their world. We challenge our students and have high expectations of them. All the while, supporting them along the way to reach their goals. We focus on the whole student and want to see them become their best selves.

Hillsboro School is a school like no other in our growing district. It is more than “the little school in the Fork”. Hillsboro School is a home for students, teachers, and families. Our people make us who we are. Our school and people create a feeling of being connected, being safe, being supported, and being a part of something greater. We hope that as you join our Hillsboro family you grow to feel that scholar pride as well!

Welcome to the Boro! Schola!

Dr. Justice, HEMS school principal, poses outside of the school building.