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 Students at Hillsboro Elementary Middle school are invited to participate in multiple extracurricular activities. These activities are open to all students! We hope that all of our scholars get  involved! Read the descriptions below to learn more!

Battle of the Books is an extracurricular opportunity for students who enjoy reading and discussing books.  Students are given a list of books to read in the spring and early fall.  They have until March to read the books from the list.  Anyone who wishes to be considered for the team needs to take a preliminary test in March.  The students with the six highest scores will be chosen for the team.  Following team selection, meetings are held to discuss the books and quiz each other on the content.  In early May, each middle school team meets for a quiz bowl contest.  Students compete against their peers on content-related questions pertaining to the assigned books.

Destination Imagination is an activity that encourages team work, creativity, divergent thinking skills, and fun while solving a problem.  Teams consist of five to seven members.  Competitive teams are judged in three areas:  a long-term problem solution, the style in which the solution is presented, and spontaneous problem solving. There are no right or wrong answers.  All solutions are acceptable within the problem guidelines.  Each long-term problem has limitations, a cost limit, and a time limit.  Within this framework, teams attempt to produce solutions and present them in a creative and humorous way.  No outside assistance is allowed; all ideas and efforts must be student generated.  Competition ranges from regional to state and international levels.

All Hillsboro Middle School students are invited to audition for our spring musical.  Students must be willing and able to rehearse Monday through Friday, after school.  Performances run for three nights, usually to a sell-out crowd!  If students would rather work behind the scenes, they may work on our various technical crews (sets/props, wardrobe, makeup, publicity, lights and sound).  Whether actor or crew member,  HEMS theatre productions are an exciting and fun way for students to become involved in their school.

Are you interested in what is happening in other countries?  Model United Nations is an activity for students that want to learn about other countries.  Students, in teams of 2-4, research a country of their choice.  Finding a problem that could be shared at the Model UN, students prepare a presentation. On the day of the conference, students present the resolution to the Model United Nations, which consists of other students.  Teams form and select a country in September, teams meet weekly to prepare for the conference which is held in December.

The STARS Student Executive Council is comprised of approximately 20  students from the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades who work directly with a Core team of teachers to determine worthy projects.  Students interested in being selected for the council must go through an application process which includes writing an essay and acquiring Core team recommendations.  The SEC plays a key role in promoting a drug-free, alcohol-free, and bully-free environment in the halls of Hillsboro Middle.  Each year they promote these concepts through activities such as Red Ribbon Week and school-wide assemblies and activities.

The general purpose of the Student Council is to provide a forum for student expression, to inform students and faculty, to promote good relationships between the students and faculty, to better the welfare of the school, to assist in the planning student activities, to promote community service, to promote school spirit and good citizenship, and to provide leadership for the student body.  The Hillsboro Middle Student Council consists of an executive board and representatives.  The executive board is made up of a President, Vice-President, and Secretary from the 7th and 8th grades.  These students are elected in the spring for the upcoming year.  After school has been in session for a month, each grade will elect student representatives.

Politicians needed.  Would you like to sit in the seat of a State Senator?  You might have the chance if you participate in Youth Legislature.  In this program, students learn about the process of presenting a bill.  As members of the Senate or House of Representatives for a day, students present bills and vote on the bills presented by other students.  Forming teams in February, students meet weekly to prepare for the conference in May.

Students smile with a poster that reads 24.7 A C T to celebrate the district's highest A C T average.
Four girls smile outside the school building during their reward recess time.