About HEMS

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Welcome to Hillsboro!

Scholar Pledge

I am a Hillsboro Scholar.
I RESPECT myself and others.
I am RESPONSIBLE for my academic achievement.
I TAKE PRIDE in my Hillsboro school community.

Mission Statement

Hillsboro Elementary/Middle School provides a multi-disciplinary approach to learning that incorporates the arts, academics, and athletics. We promote life-long learning. We cultivate ability, intellect, and character by empowering students to become productive and responsible citizens of the twenty-first century.

School History

Hillsboro School celebrated its 100th birthday in 1991. It began as a private school in the Leiper’s Fork community and was purchased by the Williamson County Board of Education in 1905. The school continued at the same campus until a lightning strike in 1930 burned the original buildings. In 1933, Williamson County Board of Education rebuilt the facility. Hillsboro’s enrollment increased to 550 students in 1976 with the consolidation of Burwood and Evergreen Schools. In 1979, high school students were dispersed to Franklin and Fairview High Schools. A new four million dollar facility was built in 1981. In 2012, the Hillsboro Performing Arts Center (HPAC) was dedicated. Lastly, just outside the Hillsboro gym doors is Heritage Hall, a special hallway celebrating Hillsboro’s historical legacy in photographs.