Teaching the Whole Child

Six different special classes are offered at Heritage. The goal of each is class is to build character, appreciation, and knowledge of various arts and athletics.

Our children evaluate, assess and make connections to the past, to other cultures and the world around them. Through the hands-on creation of art, academic performance and self-esteem are improved through the use of an integrated program and the use of community sources.

The music program at Heritage Elementary School encompasses many aspects. Students learn about rhythm, melody, harmony, form, texture, composers, music history, musical styles, and musical theater. They experience all of these through singing, playing instruments, movement, listening, discussion, video presentations and other technological resources.

Fourth and fifth graders at HES have the opportunity to participate in Glee. Students involved in Glee will perform at several in school and out of school performances. Glee meets twice per week at HES.

Heritage Physical Education Department’s focus in grades K-2 includes space awareness, locomotive movements, rhythmic activities, sequences, cooperative behavior, fitness concepts, and sportsmanship. Grades 3-5 focus on skill building, strategies for games and sports, dance and rhythmic activities, healthy lifestyles, and sportsmanship. During physical education children are expected to:

  • Exhibit self-control at all times
  • Respect others and the equipment
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship
  • Follow directions
  • Wear non-skid, non-marking tennis shoes.

The Heritage Library provides materials and resources to support the curriculum and encourage the love of reading. Our goal is that students will become independent library users, users of information, and life long learners with a love of reading. Resources are in the form of print, non-print and electronic materials.

Technology helps students become independent learners, problem solvers, positive digital citizens, coding agents, improve typing skills, positive view of computers as a learning tool not a toy.

Heritage Elementary has licensed professional counselors who are specially trained in counseling interventions, theories, and techniques. They work with students, teachers, administrators, parents and community leaders to help students become responsible and productive citizens.